SMS stands ready to assist operators with the complexities of Subchapter M compliance.


Subchapter M

As the leading U.S. professional maritime services group we are bringing our expertise to the inland and intracoastal marine transportation industry.

We understand vessel operations from onboard and ashore perspectives. 

Our consulting team has been monitoring the Subchapter M NPRM for years and we are prepared to assist you in achieving compliance. There are some practical steps you can start taking now to be prepared for the statutory deadline.

We have close working relationships with Coast Guard, AWO and vessel operators to ensure that we understand what's important to all stakeholders.

We don't claim to have all the answers, but we know management systems and how to use them as part of your compliance strategy.

Experience drives us to build compliance tools that focus on the end-user. 

Our Subchapter M services to towboat and tugboat operators include:

  • Compliance assessment and recommendations
  • Compliance project planning
  • Towing safety management system (TSMS) development and implementation
  • Internal TSMS auditing
  • ISM code advisory services for towing companies
  • Pre-certification audit and inspection coaching and prep
  • TSMS audit training programs
  • Risk assessment facilitation for complex systems and substantial changes