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Safety Management Systems for Domestic Passenger Vessels

by Bill Mahoney | Jan 26, 2021
Ferry SMSAn advance notice of proposed rulemaking made its appearance on January 15, 2021 to introduce the Coast Guard's  evaluation of the potential use of Safety Management Systems (SMS) to improve safety and reduce marine casualties onboard US-flagged passenger vessels. Public input and responses are sought to specific questions on the feasibility, applicability, and nature of SMS for potential use on US passenger vessels.

Safety Management Systems, LLC has served a number of clients -- both domestic and international -- who have realized benefits of SMS implementation on a voluntary basis. Making SMS mandatory for US-flagged passenger vessels has been under discussion for some time at various levels within and outside of the Coast Guard. 

SMSLLC will actively participate within the comment period both with its clients and alongside the Passenger Vessel Association to provide experience-based input to the rule makers. 

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