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SMSLLC Publishes Industry Guide

by Bill Mahoney | Jan 26, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 3.47.05 PMInternal Auditing - An Advanced Insider's Process Auditing Guide for Vessel Operators is the definitive guide to advanced internal auditing techniques and practical guidance for vessel operators. The Guide provides a valuable reference on the practice of proper auditing techniques that focus on process implementation and improvement.

"Safeguard, ensure, improve, monitor, review, promote, assess – these are all actions of the internal auditor. Auditing is seen differently from industry to industry. Is the focus on process improvement or regulatory compliance? This guide considers both and highlights the challenges faced and rewards achieved during operational internal audits."

The Guide will be available as a resource for maritime industry internal auditors during February 2021 via the SMSLLC Publications page and through select resellers.