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Online Training Launched for Internal Auditors

by Bill Mahoney | May 05, 2021
scilogoSMSLLC has partnered with the Seamen's Church Institute(SCI) to launch an online asynchronous course for internal auditors. Internal Auditing - An Advanced, Insider’s Process Auditing Course for Vessel Operators is now available and offers students a self-paced training environment that takes advantages of the latest learning management system technologies supported by SCI.

John Hess, SMSLLC lead course developer states "this course brings to bear the collective experience of our group in performing internal audits for a wide variety of vessel operators since the mid-90s. Our course also pays mind to auditing process and provides practical guidance not only to internal auditors, but to anyone working within a management system structure."

Asynchronous training does not require students and instructors to be online or in person at the same time for instruction. This technology allows instructional designers to create courses that participants can go through on their own with little or no help from an instructor. The SMSLLC course involves audio and visual components as well as interactive knowledge checks throughout the course as well as a final capstone exercise. 

See the course details at smsllc.com/training