SMSLLC has extensive knowledge gained through a long consulting history with a wide range of organizations. 

SMSLLC publications communicate the company's collective approach to topics that are central to management systems and organizational improvement. 

Currently Available
  • Internal Auditing - An Advanced Insider's Process Auditing Guide for Vessel Operators

"Safeguard, ensure, improve, monitor, review, promote, assess – these are all actions of the internal auditor. Auditing is seen differently from industry to industry. Is the focus on process improvement or regulatory compliance? This guide considers both and highlights the challenges faced and rewards achieved during operational internal audits."

The First Edition 2020 Guide provides practical advice and extensive guidance to anyone appointed to manage or execute an organization's internal audit program. Sections of the Guide include:

- Introduction to Auditing
- Processes and Process Auditing
- Audit Planning and Preparation
- Conducting the Audit
- Tools and Techniques
- Audit Closure
- The Remote Audit

The Guide authors have performed hundreds of internal audits on behalf of federal,
municipal and private sector vessel operating companies since 1995. The vessels serve
various industry sectors including the military, passenger, tanker, general cargo, roll-on rolloff,
bulk, towing and scientific research. The sizes and budgets of these organizations vary
widely, as do their geographic areas of operation. To this end, the authors have gained
considerable experience working with different management styles, company cultures, and
a wide degree of regulatory and customer standards.