SMS provides customized services and finds meaningful solutions for your business.

Core Services

Regulatory Advisement

Our regulatory advisement services are the foundation of everything that we do. We monitor regulatory developments in ample time to keep you informed and to provide you with compliance options that make the most sense for your business.

Our services are available for individual requirements or as an ongoing support package to help you stay ahead of new regulations.

  • Direct customer representation for Flag State, Port State and other regulatory bodies
  • Interface with classification societies and commercial vetting groups
  • Regulatory monitoring and communication
  • Compliance plan development 

Internal Auditing

We develop and implement comprehensive audit and verification programs that contribute to organizational improvement and prevent problems during certification audits and Coast Guard inspections.

Our approach to audit programs is based on the recognition that just checking on implementation of requirements misses the opportunity for a more qualitative review of suitability and effectiveness of documented procedures. In other words, our audit programs add value by recommending improvements that make compliance more achievable and lasting for front line personnel. 

Our auditors are experts in the field and receive training from organizations approved by classification societies, registrars, and the International Registrar of Certification Auditors (IRCA). Drawing from years of maritime industry experience, our auditors strive to engage with your employees and provide management with reasonable and objective reports.

As with our management system services, our audit programs may be structured to address any type and scope of management system, fleet or facilities.

Risk Management

In a world where customers and regulators alike demand safe and environmentally sound operations, we help you to identify, assess and mitigate the risks specific to your organization in the areas of safety, environmental, quality, and security concerns.

Since our consultants are industry professionals, we understand that for solutions to be effective they must be achievable at all levels of the organization. Like you, we believe in pragmatic solutions that are easily understood and that may be implemented at both the executive and deck-plate level.

Our risk management services encompass both proactive and reactive methodologies and are delivered through various means including:

  • Organizational and operational risk assessments
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Desktop review of management system and procedural documentation
  • Comparative analysis against industry benchmarks
  • Identification of leading and lagging key performance indicators
  • Management training workshops

Management Systems

We build management systems that incorporate your routines and existing practices to the maximum extent possible. Our development is efficient and preserves what is important to your business by tailoring management systems to the specific risks and needs of your operations. 

Our central goal is to develop codified requirements that are practicable for your organization and that support operational continuity despite employee turnover and changes to leadership.

Management System Streamlining

Vessel managers who've implemented management systems for several years may find that system documentation has become excessively lengthy, disorganized, and not consistent with the way they are currently doing business.

Working with such clients, we assess the pain-points and develop a plan to streamline documentation that contributes to:

  • Simplified system use by end-users and stakeholders including auditors, vetting inspectors, etc.
  • Simplified organization and navigation of requirements
  • Removing content that does not add value and does not reflect actual practice
  • Decreasing liability by only including standards and requirements that are practicable on a consistent basis
Consider some of the signs, symptoms, and concerns that your management system may benefit from streamlining.

Our expertise in management system development is wide-ranging and includes:

Safety management systems

  • ISM Code
  • U.S. Code of Federal Regulations including Subchapter M
  • American Waterways Operators | Responsible Carrier Program (RCP)
  • Passenger Vessel Association | FLAGSHIP
  • ISO 45001
  • OHSAS 18001OCIMF
  • Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA)

Quality management systems

  • ISO 9001

Environmental management systems

  • ISO 14001
  • Green Marine

Maritime security assurance

  • ISPS Code
  • MTSA