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SMS builds leading management systems and provides lasting support

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SMS knows what it takes to achieve compliance to maritime regulations, standards and guidelines

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Is it worth the risk?

SMS helps organizations assess and manage risks within marine operations

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Regulatory Advisement

We monitor the regulatory environment to keep you informed and equipped to demonstrate compliance at all times. We bring value to your team by preparing you for practicable and sustainable compliance.

Risk Management.

We help you to identify, assess and mitigate against risks affecting your maritime operations in the areas of safety, environmental, quality, and security concerns.

Management Systems

We build management systems that incorporate your routines and existing practices to the maximum extent possible. Our development is efficient and respects what is important to your business. 

Internal Auditing

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our internal auditing programs are thorough yet efficient and get to the most essential aspects of your management system. 

Internal Auditor Training 

An advanced, insider's process auditing guide for vessel operators.

SMSLLC is proud to present it's first online training course to the maritime industry through development with The Seamen's Church Institute and ClassNK.

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